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Wilson Audio loudspeakers to your ears.

by Alan Sircom

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Stunning Works in Our Products

We think different


We have a dedicated mindset and are exceptionally passionate about the quality of all the products that we produce.
We have successfully created a new era of audio entertainment. We strive to enable everyone to be able to experience our products by making them affordable. This ignites our motivation to produce outstanding, world class audio
experiences for everyone.


Smooth, sensual detail, solid soundstage and life-like experiences are all the qualities that give oBravo the WOW factor. At oBravo, quality and design are always of the same importance. Not only do we offer astonishing audio quality but also a feast for your eyes.
The design, use of metal and the fine workmanship of the exterior
give a hint of mystery.


The research and development team at oBravo are continuously dedicated to explore and discover new techniques and improvements on all products that we produce. We hope every music-lover can enjoy quality audio experiences. In the end, all speakers are just a tool to uplift the experience and to be astonished by it.


The use of the Air Motion Transformer – uniquely developed by Dr. Oskar Heil – and high quality materials set oBravo aside from other brands. This technology enables small sized speakers to produce an equivalent sonic quality to larger sized speakers, producing a fabulously detailed sound! By introducing this technology into a range of headphones and earphones presents a level of realism and clarity that cannot be met by any other brand

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At oBravo Audio music and sound are not only our passion, but our mission. We know that quality audio is like the air you breathe. You want it with you morning, noon and night. At home, at work and at play. It interprets, reflects and gives meaning to your mood and provides you with a canvas to paint your feelings. oBravo develops high fidelity products that are not only exacting and exquisite in their sound reproduction but more importantly obtainable and accessible. Great sound is not meant for just a few. It should be available to all. Available anywhere you want to listen to your music. oBravo has developed a full line of speakers, headphones and unique, innovative amplifier products and technologies. Our products are as unique in design, style and build quality as the music you play through them. Fine audio is not just a feast for your ears, but your eyes as well. We have combined both. Spend some time on our web site and see for yourself how the synergy of your passion and our vision will take you to new levels of audio enjoyment. Your life is a journey. We want you to hear every beat, touch every rhythm, and let melodies fill your soul. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

“ Music Is the Passion That Runs Through Your Life."

  • All About Us

    oBravo was established in 2006, dedicated in the research and development of audio systems. Professionally focusing on technological advances of audio speakers, computer speakers, peripherals and Apple accessories. The foundation of what oBravo is build upon is based on the concept “Listening to... Read more

  • Regard the Superiority

    It is that dedicated mindset, passion, ambition and perseverance in regards to quality, the founder successfully created this new era of audio entertainment. The stimulation of aiming to allow the general public to be able to own affordably ignited the founder’s motivation to perfect audio... Read more

  • Sounds of Fabulous

    By using the uniquely developed air motion transformer, ribbon technology, quality materials and external enabled audio amplifier, making those small sized audio speakers produced by oBravo equivalent to the high-street standards, producing fabulously detailed audio entertainment! On the other,... Read more

tab1Dr. Oskar Heil

In audio development history, Air-Motion Transformer speaker technology was the influential breakthrough designed by Dr. Oskar Heil. The design was similar to the conventional seven-inch cone type mid-range driver, but is an accordion-folded down to a compact one and a half inch grouping for point-source dispersion. The low-mass diaphragm is suspended within a dipole magnetic field concentrating an intense field around the diaphragm. When signal current passes through the aluminum strips, the ensuing bellow-like motion of the folded pleats moves air five times faster than with a conventional cone driver to producing unsurpassed sound quality and response.

tab2Air-motion transformer

The AMT diaphragm is made of a mylar ribbon, bonded with conductive aluminium strips. It is equivalent in surface area to a conventional seven-inch cone type mid-range driver, but is an accordion-folded down to a compact one and a half inch grouping for point-source dispersion. The low-mass diaphragm is suspended within a dipole magnetic field concentrating an intense field around said diaphragm. When signal current passes through the aluminium strips, the ensuing bellow-like motion of the folded pleats moves air five times faster than with a conventional cone driver.

tab3Life Changes since oBravo Appears

Our lifestyle improves as time goes on and the advances in technology bring oBravo to life. The development of the oBravo AI-25P combines the concept of Dr. Oskar Heil’s Air Motion Transformer, creating silk-like quality audio. oBravo takes audio back to its basic form, not only in an exquisite design but also to offer a crisp, smooth, airy and luxurious sound that will influence those seeking an acoustic masterclass.

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    1.France: 2.Germany: 3.Germany-MAClife Comments: 4.Hong Kong Comments: 5.Hong Kong -Lyra-media... Read more

oBravo are highly committed to product quality, by using an aluminium alloy to complete the audio speaker’s body with a gorgeous metallic finish, resulting in a durable, quality, airtight casing. Using materials such as aluminium alloy not only increases total value but also increases the craftsmanship as well as keeping the environment green.


The AIS-100 delivers a deep, rich bass sound with its 100W AB amplifier but yet keeps the treble crisp and to the point. It uses an electronic differ technique to eliminate the complication of expanding the system. With gorgeous treble and humble bass, adding a dynamic audio/visual experience for a life-like performance.


AI-5 is currently the smallest HI-FI design speaker from oBravo that produces a massive soundstage and stunning performance. The user will no longer need to listen through the average computer speaker, but instead they can now indulge themselves in high quality performance by using the amazing AI-5.

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