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All About Us

oBravo was established in 2006, dedicated in the research and development of audio systems. Professionally focusing on technological advances of audio speakers, computer speakers, peripherals and Apple accessories.

The foundation of what oBravo is build upon is based on the concept “Listening to music is enjoying the journey, audio system is merely a tool”. The company is dedicated to its core value of professional excellence, design, innovation, high quality, attitude and change.

Reasonably priced with low power consumption for maximum sound quality, this is achievable because oBravo conducted extensive research development on the application of the mylar ribbon and air motion transformer. Using eco-friendly or hi-tech recyclable materials for a vivid choice of colors to maximize your audio and visual experiences.

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Regard the Superiority

It is that dedicated mindset, passion, ambition and perseverance in regards to quality, the founder successfully created this new era of audio entertainment. The stimulation of aiming to allow the general public to be able to own affordably ignited the founder’s motivation to perfect audio experiences again and again. Smooth details, firm outputs and the live-like experiences are those qualities giving the WOW factor. Quality and design worth of same importance, oBravo not only offers audio quality but is also a feast for the visual with the sense of art, metallic and the fine workmanship of the exterior give a hint of mystery.

The research & development team at oBravo is continuously dedicated to explore new techniques and improvements, hoping every music-lover can enjoy quality audio experiences. Audio speakers are merely a tool to uplift the experience and to be surprised by it. By insisting on precision and quality, making merging the user experiences with tastefully designed exterior with music possible.

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Sounds of Fabulous

By using the uniquely developed air motion transformer, ribbon technology, quality materials and external enabled audio amplifier, making those small sized audio speakers produced by oBravo equivalent to the high-street standards, producing fabulously detailed audio entertainment!

On the other, patent right reserved 3.5mm to 2 X RCA converter enabled iWaa Prime and iWaa Classical line allowing music to return to its most natural form. Using the unique patent right reserved peripherals, it can transfer your handy iPhone/iPod/iPad or any other smart mobile devices to a high-quality music player. Whether using it to connect your home entertainment, headsets, the uplifted quality is undoubtedly noticeable.

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