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erib-2a 英國評論文章/ Mar,15,16
They are with me right now Custom . I have used them on my phone my Ibasso DX100 my Chord Mojo and my 50 WPC Power Amp. They are the clearest vocals and mids/highs I’ve heard in an IEM. That means that they have convincingly beaten my Sennheiser IE800s and ACS Encore Studios. There are some facets of the ERIB2 I prefer over my Sennheiser HD800s. I can run with them quite comfortably and sit down quietly with them and both are a great experience. They do show up some recordings as shrill or dull but I believe that is down to their accuracy and the extension in the mids and highs pushes micro details easily into the mix.
I have listened to them in 8.1 surround through Out of Your Head Virtual Speaker Software and they convincingly recreated the sound of a set of Focal Sasha Speakers.
It will be sad to see them go tomorrow

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2013 International CES

The annual ” 2013 International CES Show” held at Venetian in Las Vegas. How can we miss this great international events for Hi End Audio?

We produced many great products and displayed at the exhibition. We demonstrated the exclusive angle bracket with masks for high-end audio AI-25P, more importantly oBravo included the digital stream accessories, and also developed the latest wireless products for our consumers. Many foreign customers and vendors deeply affected by the quality sound during the exhibit, and lined up to the showroom and listening this flawless sound. The feedbacks are wonderful. It feels like the person playing violin at the scene, the quality of the sound performance is vivid, also showing the rich beauty of the gorgeous high frequencies, and the ultimate unforgettable voice . ( The picture of the 2013 CES exhibit)

oBravo put in a lots of fun into this development, and benefited from learning many new things. Not only to established our brand to the international (Made in Taiwan) in the CES International Audio Show, but also have many good feedbacks for producing quality sound from foreign customers!

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Our exclusive tweeter and IWAA pneumatic signal line are demonstrating the perfect integration of high-frequency and level of flu, It gives a great upgrade on mobile devices, iPad and other audio devices, and also made the sound returns to itself. The sound is fresh as a live performance and comes from a small compact portable device. It brings a delicate clear sound. It convinces each professional ears. The surround sound quality beyond the imagination in feeling of space. The IWAA interprets a great quality sound for each of the notes. PLUSWORKS is proud to involved this long-term workshop with oBravo. A series of recommendations on branding, strategy, and extend brand image have been fulfilled to the company. We also developed the website platform for the global market, hoping to be able to provide good quality sound through oBravo, and welcome more audience to share and experience the possibilities.

If you have missed the 32nd Taipei International Sound show, you can join the ” 100 Information Month” at the World Trade Center Taipei on December 3 to 11, 2012. You will be able to experience it again.

Time: 100 years on December 3 to 11, 2012
Venue: Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall ( TWTC Taipei, No. 5 )

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Irreplaceable Sound

AI-25P can give a great quality of sound. It can perform from the electric guitar to heavy bass. The AI-25P can show the rich and vivid detail sounds. It just likes listening the live music. AI-25P pneumatic tweeter can not be underestimated.

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