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Subtle and realistic
Air Motion Transformer

With the accordion-shaped diaphragm, each of its pressing produces a powerful, surging high note that is not only quick and accurate in its performance, but contains in its rendering of voice a rich texture of grain and a scent of rosin.

Gentle and smooth
Planar Magnetic Driver

The extremely thin, soft and film-like diaphragm in the driver produces a light, broad and clear tone with its vacillating movements, thereby retaining the reality of every musical detail and conveying a live-experience sound quality.

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Driver Patents

AMT Tweeter Patent

Patent From Germany

AMT-8 Patent-Germany-Oct,01,18 (氣動式高音單體專利 13 18)
RIB-8-US Patent-Oct,01,18 (平面振膜高音單體專利) 13 18

Planar Magnatic Driver Patent

Patent From U.S.A

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