Le grain de la voix


Advanced ceramics

For the structure of our earphones, we use the advanced ceramics kiln-fired at a temperature of over 1800 °C, which can convey every detail of the high notes, rendering their sound resounding and crystally clear.


Thermo-modified acacia wood

We carefully select the wood of acacia confusa grown natively in Taitung county processed with thermo-modification, thus producing a unique material whose superb acoustic quality is recognized even by the Spanish guitar master artisan Mr. Adolfo Timuat Toyoda.


Taylormade metal structure

Aluminum/Titanium/copper: as each of them produces its own distinctive sound when made into earphones, which one suits you the best? We welcome you to contact our agents and our distributors, so that oBravo can do its best to be at your service.  

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